Why Diamonds On Call ?

Live Inventory

Live Inventory

Integrate over 400 Thousand diamonds from manufacturers across the globe, with real time updates, we deliver exactly what your customer likes.

24x7 Customer Support

24x7 Customer Support

With hotline and a chat system that is always up and running, we answer all your queries instantly, irrespective of difference in time zones.

Independent Quality Check

Independent Quality Check

Ensuring that all the diamonds that have been ordered are natural, NO BGM & eye clean, that meets all the quality standards followed across the globe.

Quickest Shipment

Quickest Shipment

We partnered with fastest logistics from Hong Kong & India, that delivers your order as fast as next day.

our products

Our Products

We provide round and fancy shape diamonds certified by trusted diamond grading organisations such as GIA, HRD and IGI.

white diamond

White Diamonds

Diamonds with color from D to Z.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

Fancy Color Diamonds

Diamonds with colors like yellow, blue, pink etc.

How it Works?

Benefits of partnering with us

Increase your profit

Increase Your Profits

With integrated shipment and single payment save money on every order.

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution

Buy, pay, ship and track, everything at one place.

NO Hidden Cost

No Hidden Cost

No signup fee, No extra charge. you pay what you see.

API Confirmations

API Confirmations

Order with API, Integrate your software and order automatically.

download our app and track your produts

Buy Diamonds on the go!

Share diamond details, Track your orders and Get notified.

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