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A Brief History of Diamond Cutting


21st April, 2021

By Diamonds on call

“Diamond,” a gem that reigns over every other gem has always fascinated us throughout time. From being one of the most ancient forms of currency to our modern days' symbol of love, diamonds have always been an integral part of human culture.   Since old ti . . . Read more

Lab Grown Diamonds (The Ultimate Guide)

Lab Grown Diamonds (The Ultimate Guide) | Diamonds On Call


1st April, 2021

By Diamonds on call

Adhering to the title itself, a Lab-grown Diamond is 'grown' in the lab by employing a cutting-edge and innovative technology that replicates diamond growth's natural process. The product is a human-made diamond that is physically, chemically, and visually the same as those  . . . Read more


The Definitive Diamond Buying Guide (2021) for Consumers


23rd February, 2021

By Diamonds on call

A diamond is forever! It is not just because it is a piece of the gem but also the shine that forever. The bright shine could signify a Lamoureux love (lover in French) or a parental blessing. Even buying a diamond is an emotion for many. The first diamond is a desire that m . . . Read more

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