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Heart & Arrow

How amazing is it that a diamond ring is all it takes to express your love? It is a reflection of infinity that touches hearts like no other. However, as appealing as a diamond is, it is a high-value purchase. It's the reason why people do deep online research before making a purchase. Statistically, the search for diamond cuts and shapes is relatively more than anything. The intention behind the same is to get a hold of the brilliance and make an optimum purchase. If we compare the popularity of the cuts and designs, the heart and arrow diamond would lead the list. There are other shapes and designs as well, but the demand for heart and arrow cuts is unmatchable. This diamond is said to be the first recognized in Japan in the late 80s. Since then, its popularity has only grown. Let’s understand the intricacies of the same and what makes it buyers' first choice.

What is a heart and arrow diamond?

The heart and arrow cut diamond has influenced many couples to stay together despite the hardships. And do you know how? The in-detail cut and shine of the diamond. The same is so meticulous that the view is breathtaking. The heart and arrow diamonds are mostly round cut shapes. The same allows a reflection pattern that enhances the brilliance of the diamond.

The figures above show the brilliant work of a heart and arrow-cut diamond. There is a specific technique to view a heart and arrow diamond properly. The arrows in the diamond are visible from its top, while the hearts are visible when it's faced down. However, the heart and arrow cut diamonds might not be absolutely perfect. Diamonds with ideal cut grades can be asymmetrical, but this doesn't mean the diamond will lose its beauty.

Alternatively, there are gimmicky cuts that would show a heart and arrow without even proper proportions. To avoid such sharp practices, always go for a 57-faceted round-cut diamond.

Origin of Hearts and Arrows Diamond

The heart and arrow diamonds are in the buzz for a long time. The beauty and shine of the diamond are captivating. From royalties to stars, everyone desires to own one perfectly cut heart and arrow diamond. All this brings us to one question - where did it all start? Well, we have the answer to this.

Japan happens to be the home of heart and arrow diamonds. Around the 1980s, jewellers found some round-cut diamonds having a special pattern. When viewed under magnifying glasses, they found a very interesting pattern. The top appeared like eight arrows and the bottom had eight hearts. The same underlined the fact that cutting a diamond is a very crucial activity.

Since then, the heart and arrow pattern earned recognition. The diamond of the heart and arrow pattern can be symmetrical and crisp. Well, some diamonds fall in the heart and arrow category despite being asymmetrical but aren't regarded as true heart and arrow. Out of the total world's diamonds, only 1% is true heart and arrow.

Creating a true heart and arrow is an arduous job. Each facet should be precisely cut to form a perfect angle and proportion. The stone should also be perfect (symmetrical). Then it involves a long polishing process. Achieving precise true heart and arrow requires a very skilled cutter.

What makes hearts and arrows diamonds special?

Understanding the cuts and designs of a diamond is similar to knowing the specifications of a car. Before buying a car, most people don't pay much attention to the intricate details that might come in handy; rather they are interested in knowing the mileage. With diamonds, it is a similar story. The majority is interested in shape and size keeping the important details behind. To date, we have discussed heart and arrow origin, identification, and many other factors. Further, we will disclose the aspects that make heart and arrow special.

As we have discussed earlier, heart and arrow diamonds are highly valued because it involves exceptional craftsmanship and hefty precision. The diamonds for the heart and arrow cut are picked from more robust material making it a more time and effort-consuming diamond.

Here are notable aspects of heart and arrow cut diamonds:

  • Craftsmanship :The facet of the diamond must be aligned in a 3D pattern to show distinct heart and arrow forms. This kind of precision can only be achieved by an expert with exceptional knowledge about heart and arrow diamonds.

  • Light performance : In a heart and arrow diamond, the reflection and refractions play a vital role. The perfectly shaped heart and arrow will reflect light back to the eyes creating a brilliant sparkle.

  • Optimal symmetry : The three-dimension alignment of the heart and arrow provides them excellent symmetry. Here, the symmetry differs from the lab report symmetry but increases reflection.

  • Uniqueness : Most diamonds aren't intricate as heart and arrow diamonds. The same is unique and highly-priced. It is so rare that there are only 1% of diamonds fall in the category of true heart and arrow diamonds.

Tips for Purchasing Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

When you will step out to purchase a heart and arrow diamond you will find multiple options. However, despite how hard a jeweler tries, he can't create two absolute copies in the diamond industry. There are minor yet some differences between the two similar diamonds. And, when it comes to heart and arrow diamonds, a tight check before buying becomes extremely necessary. Here are a few tips:

  • Go for optical symmetry :The brilliance of the heart and arrow can be assessed by optical symmetry. When picking a heart and arrow diamond check that the hearts and the V-shaped tip ate symmetrical. One side of the heart and the v-shaped tip should be symmetrical.

  • Count eight hearts and eight arrows : In a true heart and arrow diamond, there would be exactly 8 hearts and 8 arrows. The shapes of the hearts and arrows should be symmetrical respectively.

  • Check the alignment : A very important tip for the buyers. The points of the arrows should be aligned along with the shaft of the heart. Also, the heads should fall in alignment with the shaft. All the arrows' tips must form a tip. The gap between the v-shaped tip and the hearts should be equal. .

  • Unity : Accept the fact that no diamond is perfect and hearts and arrows diamonds are no different. Instead of wasting time looking for a flawless piece of diamond try to look at the best option without spending much time. A most suitable option. A few minor defects in the diamonds would be present at all times.

  • Always check via video If you are planning to buy a heart and arrow online then always check the video. Try going through all the specifications very thoroughly.

Where Are the Best Places to buy a heart and arrow Diamond?

While searching the same on Google, it will recommend multiple physical options. However, the current situation of the world is strictly asking us to stay back home. The second wave of the pandemic has again brought all of us back to square one. The solution, in this case, is online sales. There are multiple websites set built on the B2B platform model and they are presently soaring. A similar platform is a diamond on call. The platform will help you in making the best purchase, especially with the heart and arrow diamond. These are very rare in number therefore the price is towards the heavy side of the bean. However, Diamond on call will help you trace reasonable prices on high-quality diamonds.

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