Diamond Education - The Definitive Diamond Buying Guide

February 23, 2021 BY :Diamonds on call


A diamond is forever! It is not just because it is a Piece of the gem but also the shine that forever. The bright shine could signify a Lamoureux love (lover in French) or a parental blessing. Even buying a diamond is an emotion for many. The first diamond is a desire that millions still can't get hold of. It is such an essential jewel for customers that the first purchase is always unforgettable. While describing the piece of jewelry from a buyer's perspective, many instances are rushing to discuss, but that will drift away from this blog's topic.


We are going to disclose the ultimate mantra behind 'thoughts in customers' minds while purchasing diamonds.' We know how important and, at the same time, expensive the diamond can be, and thus, the consumer stepping-in comes with complete awareness around the basics of the diamond buying guide. Further, in this blog, we will discuss a step-by-step purchasing guide of the brightest star, aka diamond, at the most reasonable price.



How to Pick a Diamond - Step by Step Guide for Buying Diamond Online


Considering that buying a diamond could be a humongous task is unnecessary. Usually, the buyers start buying with a calm mind as it is the most important purchase for many. The next thing is their in-depth research about the market. The growing inflation has given opportunities to scams and hoaxes. Hence, the purchasers come with proper homework before buying.


Let's start with the guiding manual of the procedure of picking the right diamond.


Step 1: Research before purchase


Buying a diamond is not every other day's gig. It takes much research and understanding that suits better and range of diamonds that would fit the buyer's budget. In our suggestion, one month or a few days here and there are more than enough for good research. It is giving more period than a month can make the purchaser confused among the options. The variety of diamonds is never-ending, and thus obsessing above the same would be no good.


On the contrary, rushing for diamonds is highly not recommended. It will be a purchase for life, and deciding the same with proper time helps buyers make a wise decision. The purchaser usually takes a month to come up with a short-listed requirement.


Step 2: Shape and Size first


The first treat of a diamond purchase is the visual one. The shape/ size (or both) of the diamonds are crucial. The diamonds are multiple shapes like in shapes: round, oval, princess, marquise, pear, cushion, and others. Similarly, there are a variety of sizes in diamonds too. It is said that emerald, pear, and oval look larger than their actual weight. Alongside, the shape and size give the desired definition to the purchase. The most common yet popular purchase is the fabulous middle-sized round cut diamond.


However, if the consumer has already decided, they will most likely go with their choice. Accordingly, the shape will have a huge impact on the price; thus, selecting the right shape is crucial by keeping 4C's in mind.


Step 3: Budgeting


Being the most important step, the buyer comes with a mind-set that the impending purchase should never exceed the budget. The purchaser buys a diamond as a symbol of commitment nor a scale of projecting spending capacity. His spending beyond the affording capacity would directly affect the financial balance. Purchasing a diamond for them is a blend of a surreal feeling. Thus, understanding that the memory shouldn't add any regret, especially the pain of exceeding the decided budget, is important.


Step 4: Finalizing the Right One


After undergoing the entire scrutiny procedure, the buyer will land upon the one diamond. Well, this wouldn't be all. They still can feel that there are multiple options available at a much lower price. However, the four-step guide will help the buyer purchase the diamond of their dream.


Apart from this, understanding all 4C's will help in making mindful purchases. The same will clear the picture about the characteristics of diamonds.


4C's of the Diamond industry:




We have explained all the strategies a buyer goes through while making the purchase. Now, let's learn what other characteristics that affect the buying spree of diamonds are.


A very important piece of information about diamonds is the 4C's. The acronym signifies Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. they are the primary characteristics of a diamond.


Cut: Diamond's cut maximizes the sparkle, brilliance, and overall beauty. The cut is the measure of light that hits and eventually sparkles. As the light touches a diamond, it penetrates the diamond and reflects around in the form of sparkle.


Diamond Cuts


Color: A diamond's color is the tint of yellow or brown shade seen inside the diamond. In rare cases, blue and pink shades are also found in the diamond.


Diamond Color


Clarity: The clarity depends upon the microscopic impurities. Different cuts and color also affect the clarity of the diamond. The distinct shape and cut pattern of the diamond holds its specialty in clarity. The reason behind the same is some diamonds' shapes can hide imperfection better and vice versa.